Peter Livens

Weerde, Vlaams Brabant – Belgium


I was born in Mortsel, Belgium in 1965. From my childhood on I was interested in drawing and painting. I followed artschool at the academy of Art in Lier from 1980 until 1983. When I was eighteen I started at the Sint Lucas Institute in Antwerp later followed by higher education at the Saint Mary Institute, Antwerp where I receveid my degree after four years of education.
My work is mainly inspired by nature’s immense beauty. Over the years I got more and more interested in the possibilities of charcoalpainting. At first used as a medium for quick sketching, then I began exploring what more could be done with it.  Black and white turned out to be perfect for what I wanted to express. The uncountable (hundred) shades of grey that can be created with charcoal makes one not to miss using any colour. The detailed technique sometimes resulted in almost photograpic like images when seen from a distance. I love painting water, air, clouds, reflections and creating an atmosphere in my work. In the past few years I began using pastel and got interested in using colour in my work.

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